Poaching ‘dream team’ plans to hunt down poachers

A ‘dream team’ has been set up to track and shut down syndicates involved in illegal poaching. The team includes vehicle tracking company, Tracker, with one of its best field operatives, former Soweto Dog Unit member and Tracker law enforcement officer, Stroppie Grobbelaar, at the helm.

Grobbelaar’s back-up team will include intelligence agents as well as the eBlockwatch community network. Existing eBlockwatch members  can join the team by logging on to the eBlockwatch website, or new members can sign up and register at www.eblockwatch.co.za.
In particular, owners of game farms and those involved in conservation are being asked to sign up. Helicopter pilots, farm watch groups and game rangers are also needed, as eBlockwatch believes these people will be most instrumental in providing information that with help Stroppie and his team at Tracker hunt down the poachers.

Every email received with information will be captured and fed into eBlockwatch’s Memex software belonging to the Specialised Services Group. This will then be fed through to Stroppie and the ‘dream team’. Once poachers have been located, eBlockwatch members closest to them will receive an sms, asking them to help mobilise their security companies and networks to assist.

Lets hope this will go a long way to stopping this atrocity!!