Following the announcement in June this year that the Elephant Wallow would be closed for renovations during July & August 2014, It is with mixed emotions that they announced the decision to retire their elephants after a working life of almost 20 years and close all commercial operations as of the end of August 2014.

TAA chief executive Gary Elmes says that after 12 years of educating and enriching the lives of countless visitors to Sun City, it is time to enter the next planned phase in the elephants’ lives, which is to release them back into the wild”.

The first stage in the rehabilitation process will be to remove the elephants from any commercial interaction whilst they prepare for a life, which will ultimately have minimal human interference. Their translocation to a new property will be fully supported and monitored by their long standing handlers who have spent the best part of 14 – 20 years with them to minimize stress associated with the translocation and to ensure a desired positive outcome for each member of the herd.

We wishSapi, Mana, Michael, Sharu, Chikwenya, together with her siblings, Tidimalo and Ngwedi a happy retirement.