Parrot Fish Run

Most people are familiar with the great migration through the Serengeti and Masai Mara, but have you heard about the annual parrotfish run?

The parrotfish run takes place every year between June and August, just upstream from Victoria Falls where the river marks the border between Zambia from Zimbabwe. After the heavy rains millions of fish, from the floodplains, get pulled downstream by the main river current. Once they hit the smaller rapids, they’re easy catch for fisherman waiting with their hand woven fish baskets made of reeds and palm tree leaves. Local families set up camp along the riverbanks to take full advantage of this annual happening.  A significant fact is that the amount of fish caught provides enough sustenance to last the local villages an entire year.

The luxurious 5* Royal Chundu, comprising River Lodge with 10 river facing suites and Island Lodge with 4 private villas, is the perfect spot to witness this exciting happening.

Greenpop Group Plant Days – Livingstone, Zambia

Greenpop is a social enterprise on a mission to reconnect people with our planet – and we have fun doing it! They plant trees through urban greening and reforestation projects, and spread environmental awareness wherever they go. Founded in 2010 they have since planted over 40,000 trees at schools and other urban sites as well as forests across South Africa and Zambia. Greenpop launched Trees for Zambia in 2012, a project that aims to fight the drastic deforestation Zambia is facing.

A plant day involves your clients getting their hands dirty, making a positive impact in an underprivileged community, and working together with children to green their school, farm, or community centre. This is a half-day experience, which can incorporate a lunch at the venue and is a wonderful programme for any incentive planner who is looking for a unique CSR activity in Zambia or Cape Town.

Why join a plant day?

  • You’ll be providing shade and beauty for children to enjoy
  • It’s a great way to collaborate with a group of teachers and children in an effort to green their school
  • Your will help spread awareness about sustainability and the importance of trees
  • It’s a great team-building experience
  • You’ll be investing in a sustainable 
future for Zambia
  • You’ll own the trees you plant, and you will get a certificate with the GPS coordinates!